About Mandy

Hi, I'm Mandy

I am a coaching psychologist who helps health sector leaders develop the resilience and mindset needed to reach their potential, inspire their team AND enjoy their work more.

After completing my MSc in Health Psychology, I worked in strategic roles in public health in the National Health Service (NHS) and local government, where I led on the development, commissioning and evaluation of a range of health programmes. I also worked with bodies such as the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and Public Health England (PHE) to influence local and national policies and guidance.

In 2014, I founded Murdoch Health Consulting Ltd., supporting health sector organisations to deliver a range of projects aimed at reducing health inequalities, improving population health, and the quality and efficiency of health services.

And while I enjoyed that work (and still do), I was ready for a new challenge. I wanted to combine my interests and experience in psychology, behaviour change, health & wellbeing, management, and consulting, so I completed further training in coaching psychology.

Fast forward a few years, and my company is now an independent provider of executive coaching and consulting services to the health sector. My clients include individuals and private and public health sector organisations who recognise the value of using coaching psychology approaches to build the resilience of their senior leadership teams.

Now I work with senior health sector leaders and their teams to help them navigate the intense pressure they experience every day, the constantly changing work environment, and challenging workplace dynamics.

When their options appear to be ‘get out’ or ‘burn out’, I help them achieve a third, better way – to stay in the career they’ve worked so hard for, and develop themselves so they can feel energised, motivated and engaged again, and perform to the best of their ability as the effective and inspiring leader their team needs.

I help senior health sector leaders develop the resilience and mindset needed to reach their potential, inspire their team AND enjoy their work more.

My Inspiring Leader Programme is an Executive Coaching Programme for health professionals in leadership roles who want to feel better and perform better

✔️ You work in a leadership position in the health sector
✔️You want support to help you refocus, build your resilience and be the inspiring leader you were meant to be…

...you can get more details on the Inspiring Leader Programme  right here, or by requesting a brochure.

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These are examples of just some of the work I have done with organisations and individuals and the transformations they have experienced. 

Mandy at a glance

15+ years of direct experience working across the health sector
I’ve worked as an employee, a consultant and a provider of services to the health sector, including post-graduate, senior management experience in the research, development, implementation, commissioning and evaluation of strategies and programmes to reduce health inequalities, improve population health & wellbeing, and the efficiency and effectiveness of health services. I understand and can empathise with the unique challenges of working in this environment, whilst having the ability to see things from different perspectives.


Experienced and adept at creating a safe, yet progressive coaching space
I work hard to create the balance between safety and challenge, ensuring my clients feel calm and inspired, whilst also experiencing significant shifts in their mindset, enabling them to make long-lasting and positive changes in their lives. I provide a safe and empathetic space where my clients can talk freely about their concerns and aspirations without fear of judgement. I also compassionately challenge my clients to reflect, become more self-aware, gain clarity and fresh insight into their circumstances to help them move forward.

Qualified and accredited