Case Study: Developing self-belief and confidence at work


This NHS Manager was feeling very stressed and finding it difficult to cope with the increased workload and fast-changing priorities during the height of the pandemic. Their self-confidence was low. They struggled to make decisions and act without first consulting their line manager – which was adding to the senior leadership team’s workload and resulting in delays – and they were reluctant to speak up and contribute to external meetings, and to take the lead on projects which they were more than capable of delivering.


Desired coaching outcomes:

  • Develop self-belief and increase confidence in their ability to meet the requirements of their role and to progress in their career
  • Build resilience and develop coping mechanisms to manage work-related stress more effectively


Over a 2-month period, I worked with this coachee on a 1-2-1 basis. I used a range of psychologically informed coaching techniques, including cognitive-behavioural coaching, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), resilience & values exercises, to help them come up with solutions to their problems.


The coachee reported the following benefits from coaching:

  • Increased self-confidence in their knowledge and abilities and the value they bring to the organisation
  • Feeling more confident to make decisions without first having to seek reassurance from more senior members of the team
  • Being able to recognise the contribution they bring to meetings and having the confidence to speak up in situations where they would have kept quiet in the past
  • Taking the time to explore their values helped them to better understand the source of their frustrations at work, to accept what is inside and outside of their control, and find ways of better coping with work-related stress
  • Improvements in health and wellbeing, e.g. improved diet and exercise routine
  • The coachee reported that the coaching contributed 100% to the actual achievement of their goals
  • Overall satisfaction with the coaching was rated 10/10
  • Likelihood of recommending this coach to a colleague or friend was rated 10/10


“Mandy was very patient with me, she gave me the confidence to speak openly and honestly about how I was feeling and was very supportive. She was encouraging, but never too pushy. I would definitely recommend Mandy as a coach.”