personal mindset

Case Study: Feel more organised and in control of workload


At the height of the pandemic, this NHS leader was under enormous pressure to deliver in a fast-changing environment, which was made more challenging by the need to work remotely. They recognised the need to delegate a greater proportion of the workload to their team. They also recognised that they were at risk of burnout if they didn’t make substantial changes. However, they were finding it difficult to let go, felt bad about asking others to do more, and struggled to find the confidence to have what they perceived to be difficult conversations. 


Desired coaching outcomes:

  • Delegate more to the team, getting others to adequately support the strategic delivery of work (and building their confidence to take on more responsibility)
  • Achieve a better work-life balance, including developing coping mechanisms for dealing with stress and improving health and wellbeing
  • Feel more organised and in control of workload


The coachee enrolled on my 1-2-1 Executive Leadership Coaching Programme and we worked together over a 5-month period. Using a range of psychologically informed coaching techniques, including assessments, I delivered a tailored programme of support to the coachee to build their resilience, achieve a healthier work-life balance and better cope with work-related stress.


The coachee reported the following benefits from coaching:

  • Change to personal mindset, e.g. feeling a greater sense of control over their workload
  • Feeling less stressed and better equipped to cope with work demands
  • Increased self-awareness, e.g. including recognising their preferred leadership style and strengths and experimenting with new behaviours to increase their own and their team’s performance and productivity
  • Feeling more confident about delegating work to the team and putting plans in place to develop the confidence of team members to take on more responsibility
  • A better work-life balance and improvements to health and wellbeing, e.g. losing weight; better sleep; taking breaks
  • Improved relationships at home


“I’ve experienced a change in my personal mindset… I now feel more in control… I am now putting myself first… I realise that things couldn’t carry on the way they were.”