leadership event

Case Study: Leadership event – postgraduate education setting


Consultancy project – Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)


I was tasked with supporting the development, delivery and facilitation of a Leadership Day event in Summer 2021 for students on the MSc Dental Public Health, Policy and Leadership Course and external delegates at Queen Mary University London.


I collaborated with Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and the School of Business and Management (SBM) to deliver the online event: “Leadership in Healthcare & Emotional Resilience: Lessons from Covid-19” on 10th June 2021. This interactive event was attended by MSc/PG Diploma in Dental Public Health, Policy and Leadership course students (https://www.qmul.ac.uk/dph/) and a range of external health sector delegates, including Consultants in Dental Public Health, academics, and dental professionals.  

To ensure the live event was as interactive as possible, delegates were sent a pre-event pack with supporting materials to work through in advance of the event. The pre-event pack included video presentations and links to additional resources.

Being self-aware and able to manage and control our emotions are among some of the most powerful predictors of leadership performance. I developed and delivered presentations and interactive sessions on the following topics:

  • Why is it important to focus on mental health in leadership?
  • Why is resilience important in leadership?
  • Emotional Intelligence and leadership performance
  • Emotional responses to the Covid-19 pandemic – leadership challenges
  • Self-awareness and recognising emotions


During this event, delegates were given the opportunity to take time out to reflect, network, share their personal leadership experiences from the past year, and develop their personal development plans to help them to build their resilience and flourish at work.

Of the delegates who completed the evaluation form, 100% agreed that:

  • The topic covered in the online event was interesting
  • The hosts were engaging speakers
  • The breakout groups helped delegates to interact and share their experiences
  • They gained new knowledge about the topic
  • They learned skills and insights that they can use to support their career development


“I recently worked with Mandy Murdoch having first worked with her in an NHS role that she was project managing. It was my first time working with Mandy as a Coaching Psychologist and an Executive Coach in a postgraduate education setting. Mandy was innovative, always contributing ideas based on her varied experience. She was highly professional, setting deadlines for the team to work towards and following up with a clear action plan. Mandy worked exceptionally well with my colleague from the School of Business and Management, co-hosting an online event with him, yielding positive feedback. She also received very positive feedback from our e-technologist who she worked alongside to create a highly interactive online event. I would definitely recommend Mandy’s service to anyone interested in incorporating leadership and psychological ideas into healthcare settings.”

[Dr Vanessa Muirhead, Clinical Senior Lecturer/ Honorary Consultant in Dental Public Health, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)]