enjoy work again

Case Study: Learning to enjoy work again and develop confidence as a leader


When I first met this Director of an independent provider of services to the health sector, workplace pressures were taking their toll on their health and wellbeing. They were dedicated to the company but recognised that they needed to find a way of enjoying work again, building their resilience, increasing their confidence, and achieving a better work-life balance.


Desired coaching outcomes:

  • Achieve a better work-life balance, including developing coping mechanisms for dealing with stress and improving your health and wellbeing
  • Further develop your leadership and communication skills, e.g. dealing with workplace conflict; having difficult conversations; etc.


The coachee enrolled on my 1-2-1 Executive Leadership Coaching Programme. We worked together over a 3-month period, during which I used a range of psychologically informed techniques, including cognitive behavioural coaching, performance coaching, solution-focused approaches, and assessments to help the coachee to realise their coaching goals.


The coachee reported the following benefits from coaching:

  • Feeling a renewed sense of enjoyment at work
  • Improved work-life balance – enjoying days off and spending quality time with family instead of feeling obligated to respond to non-urgent queries outside of working hours
  • Having the confidence to have difficult conversations and deal with complaints
  • Improved relationships with work colleagues
  • Better organisational and prioritisation skills
  • A greater sense of control over workload
  • Better able to cope with work pressure
  • More confident about presenting in front of large audiences and in more formal meetings
  • More helpful thinking patterns, e.g. being more positive and spending less time ruminating and over-thinking
  • Improved communication and assertiveness skills
  • Healthy lifestyle changes, e.g. incorporating more exercise into daily routine
  • The coachee reported that the coaching contributed 100% to the actual achievement of their goals
  • Overall satisfaction with the coaching was rated 10/10
  • Likelihood of recommending this coach to a colleague or friend was rated 10/10


“Thank you. I’m enjoying work again! I feel so much happier.”