improving relationships

Case Study: Developing confidence as a leader and improving relationships with colleagues


This NHS Senior Manager had recently been promoted to a more senior role. They wanted to use coaching to develop their confidence as a leader, operating at the level expected of them in their current role.


Desired coaching outcomes:

  • improve communication with work colleagues
  • increase their confidence at work, particularly in relation to feeling able to have difficult conversations with colleagues


The coachee participated in 1-2-1 executive coaching sessions over a 10-week period. I used a range of psychologically informed coaching techniques tailored to the individual’s needs including cognitive-behavioural coaching, resilience assessments, and values-based coaching to help them develop greater psychological flexibility.


The coachee reported the following benefits:

  • Feeling more confident in their role
  • Having a neutral person to discuss issues with
  • Having the time to reflect and to be themselves
  • Finding the ability to take a step back
  • Realising what is within their control
  • Keeping calm
  • Thinking before reacting
  • Being more assertive about their boundaries
  • Maintaining a healthier work-life balance
  • Having the confidence and approach to maintain better relationships
  • Overall satisfaction with the coaching was rated 10/10.
  • Likelihood of recommending this coach to a colleague or friend was rated 10/10.


“The coaching helped me develop my confidence as a leader and gave me time to reflect on the issues I was facing.”