strengths and resilience

Strengths and Resilience

In this video I talk about what makes a good leader and specifically my thoughts on strengths and resilience.

My discussion with Dr Vanessa Muirhead of Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) was part of a series of Leadership Insights interviews which were recorded for the QMUL MSc/PGDip/PgCert in Dental Public Health, Policy and Leadership Course.

In this section of the interview, I was asked: “What traits do you think make someone a good leader?” Here is an extract from my response.

Our strengths are the things that we do well and which we find motivating and energising. They help us to understand how we naturally think and feel and why we behave the way that we do. Good leaders are aware of their strengths and optimise them to help them to reach their goals and desired outcomes.

Resilience is also very important – having the ability stay positive and to keep on going and inspiring others and keeping them motivated even during periods of change and difficult circumstances.

If you would like to watch the full interview, it can be viewed at this link. The interview is split over three videos. In part one I talk about my leadership journey.  Part two covers the traits which I think make someone a good leader, and in part three I summarise the biggest lessons that I have learned as a leader.

On 10th June 2021 I will be co-hosting an online event – Leadership in Healthcare & Emotional Resilience: Lessons from COVID-19. This event forms part of the MSc/PG Diploma in Dental Public Health, Policy and Leadership course, QMUL (  A pre-event pack containing recorded presentations and further resources will be provided before the webinar. The event will be opened up to a limited number of external health sector delegates. Please contact Vanessa Muirhead for more information: [email protected]

During my 1-2-1 Executive Leadership Coaching Programme for health sector professionals, one of the six key areas we focus on is your unique personal strengths. Discover how to draw on your skills, knowledge and experience to increase your energy, engagement and productivity at work and achieve your full potential. To find out more contact me to book a discovery call.

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